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This fun, sticky advertising machine is backed by the history of marketing and owning an online business for the past 20 years, since March of 1998 [mainly safelists/mailers]. I really think you'll enjoy this site while advertising all of your programs.
- Maryanne Myers: Programmer, Designer, Marketer, Network Owner

The Most Addictive Safelist - Ever!
 You won't get bored using this sticky safelist / mailer

Easy! Every ad that you click, you get credits to send your ads and you get to pop a golden bubble on the GAME GRID.
You WILL always get something and can easily get multiple items on every click. This gives advertising and even bitcoin

Earn Cash Money

This has a 2 Tier Affiliate Program with the SAME commission on both tiers. No upgrades to get the same commission on referring sales. This sells very good, quality advertising.

To The Moon!

Win Bitcoin or multiple items on this unique Pop game. You will always get something for every ad that you choose to click on and visit. It's FREE to play the game, of course.

Free Advertising

Use your credits for three types of advertising on #1PopEasy: email ads, banner ads and text ads. You CHOOSE if you want to receive email ads, or can click them onsite.

On the left, is the actual size of the game. It opens after 12 seconds.

Every ad that you click on gives you a chance to pop 1 golden bubble.

You start with Row #1 and go up to Row #5, getting bigger prizes.

You keep going higher on the rows for [multiple] bigger items.

Unless... you pop a golden bubble that shows a red X

If the red X is found, you start back on row #1 on the next ad you view.

You'll always get something on every email ad that you visit = game play!

Maryanne Myers
ABOUT: Php programmer, web designer, marketer and network owner
MAIN SITE: #1Goldmine Huge Massive Ad Blasters - Get them today

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Herbert Gordon
ABOUT: I am a Internet Marketer and Consultant. I consult, coach, train and assist businesses from all over the world on the fundamental and essential elemen
MAIN SITE: Truth or Conspiracy? You Decide

Maryanne Myers
ABOUT: Php programmer, web designer, marketer and network owner. Been owning sites since 1998. I have 1 daughter and very much appreciate life.
MAIN SITE: The Super Safelist Pangea!

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100% custom website created and owned by Maryanne Myers
[PHP Programmer + Internet Marketer + Web Designer + Advertising Network Owner]

Owner has longterm, verifiable 20 year history of owning an online business

"Sticky" is an old school term (1990's) meaning: people keep coming back to a website = generating traffic.
Safelist (late 1990's) and Mailer (early/mid 2000's) are the very same thing.
Members have a safe method to reach other email addresses with their own email ads, for advertising. They use the email server, scripting and resources of the website to send to the list of members in a controlled environment.
The group is co-built by members and the owner.